Cherry Orchard Apartment Homes

250 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA, 94087

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Anonymous Renter2/5/2020
Apartment Recommended
Management Recommended
Excellent community and facilities. There is a pool, sauna, gym room and a small playground for kids. The buildings in the apartment are not very close to each other, so it doesn't feel crammy. The property is well maintained and the management is very responsive to any concerns. We were choosing between Cherry Orchard and Avalon Sunnyvale but decided to pick this as the apartment complex has Trader Joe's, Sweetgreen, Hala Guy's and other shops. It's a 30 min walk or 7-10 min drive to the cal-train station. The complex itself is surrounded by trees and well maintained lawns which gives a very calm feeling.
It has carpeted flooring. Slighty older decor.
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