300 L St NE, Washington, 20002

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Anonymous Renter1/8/2020
Apartment Recommended
Management Not Recommended
LOCATION cannot be beat, particularly for the price. Amazing sense of it community amongst the residence. For the most part, we know each other, interact as friends, and help each other out. SUPER pet friendly (borderline might not be good for people who don’t like animals or are afraid of them) with no breed restrictions. Things are really chill and relaxed. We have a tenants Association but they aren’t focused on governing and being restrictive in crap like that. It’s just a format for keeping everyone updated on issues and progress, helping each other out, sharing resources, etc...  We even compost!
Over the years, the owners have not approved the necessary capital expenditures to maintain the building well. Simple things like common area carpeting, landscaping, and community fixtures (grill, ice maker, gym equipment) have falling into disrepair. Security in the building is a growing concern - and not just your simple issues of an authorized people piggybacking someone’s entry But actual security breaches due to multiple poorly maintained or too slowly maintained access points.  Management and maintenance are both slow to respond and inconsistent. There is no on-site management presence and our concierge, while wonderful and takes a ton of initiative, is a temp agent so has no little real authority and is never kept in the loop.  NO AMENITIES whatsoever. The gym is located on the top floor so can only be used until 10 PM due to how disruptive the noise is for the residence below and most of the residents are not given keys to access things like the wine lockers in the resident lounge or the grill patio.The so-called storage units and bike storage are chain link cages located in the garage and have broken into and vandalized repeatedly over the years. Concierge hours are from 8 AM to 11 AM, a three hour break, and 3 PM to 7 PM on weekdays but only 10 AM to 3 PM on weekends.
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