805 Channing Pl NE, Washington, 20018

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Anonymous Renter12/22/2019
Apartment Recommended
Management Recommended
The building is cleaned regularly. 
Can only hear neighbors on occasion as the walls are thick.
Has a dog park.
Has a nice roof top with grills
Next door to metro station
Next door to groceries.
The building does interesting events like bringing in a home made pizza vendor or throwing little parties for holidays
The pool is ok
Appliances work as expected and are modern enough.
Zero security. Any one can get into the building.
Zero street parking. And they lied about it when signing the lease.
The dog park is never cleaned.
Management isn't well organized.
They try to add a lot of hidden fees into things
The neighborhoid hasn't adjusted to the building being here and two more condo building are being put in next door
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