3355 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL, 60608

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Anonymous Renter1/2/2020
Apartment Not Recommended
Management Not Recommended
We’re the first tenants to live in this unit. The appliances and fixtures are new. The ceilings are high and there’s a beautiful spiral staircase that leads to the second floor of the unit. The neighborhood has good restaurants and cafes. 

The company that manages the building has an online portal, so you can submit maintenance requests and make payments online.
-I don’t think the water system in the building is equipped to accommodate for 4 units. If someone is doing laundry, the pressure in the shower is minimal to none. I’ve brought it up with the property managers twice, but they have not resolved it. 
-The walls are thin. I can hear my next door neighbor very clearly. I’ve heard them sneeze, laugh, etc..
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