2208 W Berteau Ave, Chicago, IL, 60618

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Anonymous Renter12/30/2019
Apartment Not Recommended
Management Recommended
the apartment is just affordable for me. advantages are free heat and electricity, but it needs repair. and new paint and perhaps a new stove. did get an a/c installed, otherwise the humidity / heat would kill ya in the summer. good move on management's part.
re management: actually more responsive than many. recently installed new windows in all other apartments; tarred the roof.
best part: usually plenty of parking. so-so Jewel on lincoln.
irritations: Berteau has become a freeway from lincoln to western during rush hour. lack of attention to clogged drains creates mini-lakes in the winter,
hard to pull cars out when it's iced over, no thanks to alderman Martin.

complaints: a tear-down every week it seems; perfeckly OK buildings (with character, even) replaced by $1.5MM McMansions, IMNSHO. will be priced out soon, or maybe not, we'll see.
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