2825 N Whipple St, Chicago, IL, 60618

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Anonymous Renter12/31/2019
Apartment Recommended
Management Recommended
The apartment is in a great location and the landlord, Ron, is pretty good. He fixes things in a timely manner and is understanding if you need an extra day to pay the rent once in a while. The rent when I lived there was also very very fair. 

It’s a two flat so you know you’re getting his (almost) undivided attention. I don’t think he has any other rental units. 

There is laundry in both units, too, which is great.
The floors are very squeaky because it’s an old house and there are some weird old building quirks. 

It’s a little hard to move furniture in because of the shape of the building/doorways but that’s no one’s fault but the guy who built the place in the 1930s.
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