4503 N Whipple St, Chicago, IL, 60625

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Anonymous Renter12/30/2019
Apartment Not Recommended
Management Not Recommended
Building was remodeled about 7+ years ago, and it was relatively well done. Street is quiet, not as much crime as other parts of Albany Park. Cats are allowed. Heat is included.
Landlord was slow or non-existent in fixing issues with the building and apartment. Overall, the landlord is rude, aggressive, and tries to intimidate tenants into not complaining or requesting fixes to the apartments. Very 'old school' methods and doesn't realize that tenants are customers who have rights. 

- Laundry in basement often not working, would take days/weeks to get machines back to working. There are only 3 washers/dryers for 12+ units. Prices are also high ($2.50) for small machines
- Roof leaking: I had a top floor apartment and there were multiple roof leaks. Landlord did not treat issue as an emergency and often only 'patched' the issue instead of fixing - roof would continue to leak. There were visible stains on the ceiling from the roof leak, ceiling was also peeling away in places from the water damage. 
- Building was advertised as non-smoking - landlord never enforced this. 
- Landlord would send important updates via text or voicemail instead of in writing as required by law (rent increases, etc.) 
- Shared features (hallways, lights in common spaces) not replaced, or kept up. 
- Multiple requests to receive keys to back door of building: never received over 5+ years
- Landlord didn't conduct a walk-thru checklist upon move in - it will be his word against tenant's for any issues that were existing prior to move in (document everything)

Mgmt: Cragin Realty 
Landlord: George Mochoruk
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