5073 N Wolcott Ave, Chicago, IL, 60640

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Anonymous Renter12/30/2019
Apartment Not Recommended
Management Not Recommended
near park,lincoln square,andersonville
management company(Cagan) horrible! always say"we never got your email" when have an issue or never return calls
 never fixed any issues in apartment, simply would juts say "we're not fixing it"! refused to fix stuff  and ignore you
allowed dog feces and pee to be in front and back of building  in common areas ,never picking it up or confronting tenants who let dogs poo everyhwere!  so many turds it is disgusting!
they don't clean the common areas
they "storage " units are disgusting ,damp dirty and full of mold,one set washer dryers for whole building and they are over priced
they charge you for water,garbage disposal and gas to heat water , AND make you pay for their  rental insurance ,whether you want it or not you have to pay for THEIR  insurance! every month they send you a bill and the water and garbage goes up depending on how many empty units
so you pay like $30 a month for garbage disposal cuz half the building empty cuz of poor management and upkeep 
so dont look at what they tell you monthly rent is, cuz they add on insurance ,water, heat for water, garbage, if you have pets they each pay a monthy fee then a bogus non refundable pet fee of $400 whether any pet damage or not  $400 "MOVE IN FEE"
 which is basically you paying to have the place painted and repairs once  you move out which is suppose to be landlords responsibility and worst paint job EVER in apartment!
this place is an over priced  dump
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