1929 N California Ave, Chicago, IL, 60647

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Anonymous Renter12/17/2019
Apartment Recommended
Management Recommended
Anonymous Renter12/16/2019
Apartment Not Recommended
Management Recommended
- management is very responsive and flexible 
- nice amenities like washer/drier, modern kitchen, two decks, fireplace 
- one dedicated parking spot
- 3 bathrooms
- large rooms with closet space
- rent is reasonable 
- location is great
- don’t move here if you are at all noise-sensitive; it’s a cheaply made building and you will hear everything from all directions all the time. I sleep with ear plugs and a box fan. It’s really the only dealbreaker for an otherwise great place. If you don’t care about noise, go for it!
- no tenant portal so all maintenance is via email and all rent payments have to be cash or check; nothing online 
- no secure entry for deliveries and we’ve all had issues with stolen/missing packages from time to time
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