2952 W Lyndale St, Chicago, IL, 60647

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Anonymous Renter12/31/2019
Apartment Not Recommended
Management Not Recommended
Unit is spacious and close to the California blue line stop, lots of natural light due to all the windows (also a con though since they are all very drafty)
Broke our lease early due to insufficient heating conditions for the winter. The furnace is shared with the other units and not powerful enough for Chicago winter temperatures. To make it worse, the windows are single paned and do not seal letting the minimal heat out the window. When it dropped below 20 degrees F, it was unable to heat the unit above 58 and was freezing. The landlord ignored our pleas to fix the issue and only offered a single electric heater to help. We broke the lease and reported them to 311 as these temperatures are not legal.

Other issues:
- Shared furnace means shared air supply and the neighbor smoked  inside so many nights we could smell it
- Very loud due to unsealed windows and constant traffic on Sacramento
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