3450 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL, 60657

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Anonymous Renter1/9/2020
Apartment Recommended
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The location is great (on the Lake, bus lines, great restaurants and stores (including grocery) nearby. Depending on your apartment, the views are great. Even if your apartment doesn’t have a good view, the 40th floor has a party room you can hang out in that has clear views to downtown. The workout room has clear views north. There is an outdoor pool and sundeck (couple of grills, too) on the roof (41st floor). The front door staff is great. Management is very responsive and nice. The delivery room folks are nice.
The service elevators can be slow to arrive (with quick-closing doors) and you need to use them for any carts or doing laundry. Some of the equipment in the workout room is a little worn (e.g., ellipticals).
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