2013 S Huron Pkwy, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104

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Anonymous Renter2/7/2020
Apartment Not Recommended
Management Not Recommended
This apartment is relatively affordable for Ann Arbor prices, and heat is free. Plenty of free parking spaces, and limited covered spaces are cheap. Close to a few bus lines and grocery stores and restaurants. Fairly easy to get in contact with managment. Decent winter maintenance.
Shoddy work by maintenance, and managment won't call maintenance back to fix their mistakes. No fan in the bathroom, gets moldy very quickly and easily. One small coin operated washer and dryer per 23-bedroom building. Windows appear new and well-sealed, but are actually incredibly drafty so it's difficult and expensive to regulate the temperature indoors, and allow many stink bugs and other bugs in. Hallways and stairwells and laundry room aren't maintained and are crawling with spiders.
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