630 NE 23rd Ave, Portland, OR, 97232

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Anonymous Renter7/17/2020
Apartment Recommended
Management Not Recommended
The apartments are beautiful and feel good to be in. There are many different floor plans, they are vintage, with big windows and claw foot tubs. Pets are allowed - I even see big dogs here. People keep to themselves/are shy but aren't rude. There has never been an issue with noise. There is a healthy swap/free box situation. I have rarely ever seen an apartment manager - they are not nosy.
The apartment management company, manager, and maintenance staff will ignore you for as long as possible, and then ignore you some more. The common areas are dingy and rarely cleaned. I once spilled some detergent in the hall and in cleaning it, accidentally "mopped" up what appeared to be years of grime off the stairwell. When maintenance is conducted, it will appear absurd - paint jobs that take longer to paper and tape than to paint, and stay papered for weeks, windows removed by shattering them, apartments turned over by painting a coat of paint over the old paint and grime.
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