350 S Aiken Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15232

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Anonymous Renter1/10/2020
Apartment Not Recommended
Management Not Recommended
Great location - walking distance to stores, schools,  churches, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and multiple bus lines in all directions to many destinations, Beautiful area of the city
Complete lack of maintenance outside of building, inside the building in common areas and in residents apartments. This property and many others in the area are owned by the same family. Rent is on the high side but comparable to other locations in the city. They are evasive and less than truthful about everything - if you tell them about an issue they either take forever to address the problem or they just ignore the problem. Even after the city building inspectors and health department or local magistrate are involved , even after initial inspections, being cited for violations, and still not addressing and or repairing before deadline and or not before follow-up inspections - FYI you still have to pay full rent and if you dont they can file eviction against you and the claims you filed with the health dept becomes null and void -
Broken promises in regards to things that were agreed upon before moving in for example - "oh we will paint the apartment and have the rugs cleaned" never happens - "buy what you need to fix or update the apartment and save the receipts and you can take it out of the rent " - then told they didn't authorize it and we will have to check what you did and still don't get reimbursed . told if you don't pay full rent they will file eviction notices  
Unsecure doors with access to all residents mailboxes.
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