1651 N 400 E, Logan, UT, 84341

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Anonymous Renter2/5/2020
Apartment Recommended
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They are so nice, helpful, and consistently available! Maintenance requests are ALWAYS done day of, or next day at the latest. They keep the parking spots and sidewalks clean of snow, and the scenery is always really beautiful. I've loved living at Legacy Village Apartments and will do so again whenever I go back up to Logan.
They provide an all year hot tub, seasonal pool, gym, a clubhouse you can reserve, covered parking and normal parking spots, dog parks, children's park, and so much more! Not only that, but my apartment already had laundry machines in the laundry room! I didnt have to buy new machines to move in, they supplied them!
The apartments are so big and spacious. It's really easy to call it home.
I'm really trying to think... but there's really nothing. One time my dad visited and saw that there were some bees making a hive on the balcony, so he had me put in a request to maintenance. The next day, they came and took care of it, just like that! Like, no other apartment in Logan does that. I love living here!
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